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The Fiber Internet Difference

Downloads as Fast as Uploads

Fiber internet will give you symmetrical download & upload speeds. Cable companies max out at 35 mbps of Upload.

Are you getting the speed that's advertised?

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Fiber Ran to your Home or Business

Cable companies have fiber ran to copper through the street to your home or business. The copper causes slow down or lag during peak hours because less information moves through it. Fiber ran to you means more consistent, reliable speeds all day - Not just when your neighbors are gone.


Under construction.

Latency & Ping in Gaming

Under construction.

Pixelation, Scrambling & Breaking up of the voice

If you're experiencing it on your end it can be lack of download speed or consistency in the download speed. If the person(s) you're conversing with is experiencing it, you may need more upload speed.

Buffering & Loading when Streaming

Lack of consistency in your download speed or needing more download speed.